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While some may think that sales of so-called mild hybrids will steadily increase in the coming years, a new report suggests that the market for mild hybrids is close to reaching its peak. Just Auto points out that mild hybrids such as the Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid have witnessed sustained growth over the past few years, but as additional full-hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius emerge onto the scene, sales of mild hybrids will taper before reaching a peak soon.

Mild hybrids will likely faced additional competition from vehicles equipped with downsized engines, diesel powerplants and turbocharged mills. As just-auto researcher John Voelcker pointed out to Green Car Advisor:
The incremental costs of that equipment are substantial. Mild hybrids must therefore compete favorably on cost against downsized, high-output, direct injected and/or turbocharged diesel and petrol engines that achieve close to the same consumption.
Through 2012, the mild hybrid segment is still expected to witness growth. By 2015, advancements in full-hybrid systems, direct injection and turbocharging should help propel these technologies to the the front of the pack, leaving mild hybrids far behind.

[Source: Just Auto via Green Car Advisor]

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