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Though not slated for its official debut until the Paris Motor Show in October, Peugeot has kindly provided a sneak peak at its upcoming 508 sedan. The new 508 will go on sale at the start of 2011 and all models will be equipped with Peugeot's fuel-saving e-HDi system. e-HDi is the company's latest attempt at stop-start technology and Peugeot claims that its next-generation system features improved efficiency and enhanced driveability over previous designs.

Though e-HDi is said to improve fuel economy across the entire lineup, Peugeot's most fuel-efficient 508 model will be the HYbrid4, slated for launch in mid-2011. The HYbrid4 combines an efficient diesel engine with an electric motor, six-speed manual transmission and the aforementioned stop-start system. The HYbrid4 setup is a so-called "through-the-road" hybrid. The diesel engine powers the front wheels while the electric motor gives the rear some zing. All of the advanced technology adds up to create one clean vehicle. Peugeot claims that the 508 HYbrid4 will emit just 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer as it motors down the road. Even better, if you're not goosing it, the HYbrid4 can scoot around under electric power, occasionally offering a zero-emissions driving experience.

[Source: Peugeot]

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