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By the end of this year, Calgary utility company Enmax Corporation will begin piecing together one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) test fleets in all of Canada. More than 400 Enmax employees have displayed interest in driving EVs and the company is more than eager to please its workers. Enmax brings energy to more than 600,000 Canadian residents and is strongly committed to advancement in alternative energy programs.

Mitsubishi will supply its i-MiEV to the fleet while Toronto Electric will bring its A2B EV prototype along. Additional EVs will join in on the action during the next four years. The long-term trial will help automakers and energy providers determine EV charging behavior, energy demands, range limitations and more. It must be nice for the Enmax employees who displayed an interest in driving EVs; like magic, their company will whip up 100 vehicles for them to use. Now, if only it was that simple for the rest of us.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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