Volkswagen NCC patents – Click above for high-res image gallery

Take a look at what Carscoop's managed to dig up. It seems Volkswagen's been busy securing patents for its New Compact Coupe. Do these filings mean Volkswagen is seriously considering the addition of a Jetta Coupe to the lineup? Probably. After all, the coupe concept VW teased us all with last winter looked very production-ready, and it was quite well-received.

The images here show that the car has evolved somewhat since we last saw it at the Detroit Auto Show. There's now a traditional-style grille and exhaust, indicating that gas and diesel iterations are obviously in the works for the launch. If and when we'll see a hybrid version in keeping with the Detroit NCC concept remains to be seen. So, keep your fingers crossed that these patents foreshadow a classy little coupe from VW. This is a sharp-looking ride, and since it's larger than the Scirocco, it just might find an audience here in the land of the free.

[Source: Carscoop]

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