Earlier this year, Mini USA Vice President of Marketing Jim McDowell was quoted as saying that we "shouldn't wait for a hybrid." Well, we're not exactly on pins and needles or anything, but it would seem that Mini is indeed working on hybrids of one kind or another.
How do we know? Spy shooters in Germany have spotted a rather conspicuous Mini Cooper Clubman out and about with a gigantic Hybrid Drive sticker plastered across its flanks. So, either this vehicle is a hybrid mule or Mini is doing its darnedest to distract the motoring world from something... else.

In any case, other interesting tidbits festooned upon this Mini are the JCW-esque front fascia (behind which an intercooler can be seen), lowered suspension and new rear bumper. Most curious, though, are the odd flares ahead of the rear wheels... Could those have something to do with a hybrid battery? We have no idea, but we do notice that this Mini is riding pretty low to the ground. See for yourself.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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