Getting closer to the Paris Motor Show, more is being revealed – or rumored, perhaps – about what will be on show. AutoExpress is predicting the appearance of five Lotus concepts at the end of September: a roadster, two front-engined grand tourers, and the new Esprit. Last month, we postulated that a supercharged or convertible Lotus Evora convertible might make the scene, and there's a slight chance of seeing the 2012 Lotus Elise. The two front-engined GTs are the real surprise, seeing that there hasn't been much said about them previously. If these concepts do, in fact, exist and end up going into production, they, combined with the new Esprit would double Lotus' current line.
As excited as we'll be to finally see the Esprit, we'll be just as glad to sate our curiosity about Lotus' engine line-up. A widened Elise prototype has folks wondering about a V6, the Esprit has been imagined with a BMW engine as well as a couple of Lexus powerplants, and Lotus and Cosworth have been further developing powertrains for the brand. With Lotus aiming to join the scalpel-edged sports car party, we expect its Paris showing to be something special – we just hope it doesn't look like AE's rendered version shown at right.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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