Some makes and models are actually rising in their resa... Some makes and models are actually rising in their resale value (Hugo90, Flickr).
Everybody’s looking for that good deal when buying a new car. But the search for “the deal” is not just restricted to finding a new vehicle at a reasonable price. It also means getting good money for your trade-in.
The good news for car shoppers is that used car resale values increased by about 20 percent over the first half of 2010, according to Black Book, which tracks both the wholesale and retail values of used vehicles. This is mostly due to the fact that new car sales plummeted to about 10 million units in 2009, down from the 16 million range the previous couple of years. That means there were fewer trade-ins coming in to car lots, which created a higher demand for used vehicles, which in turn increased their value. So, if you’re pondering whether to buy a new vehicle, this could be a good time to act.
The size of your windfall will depends on what you’re driving, as resale values of some models increased more than others. Here’s a tip: If you’ve been driving that gas guzzling SUV wishing there was some way you could sell it and buy something more fuel efficient, well, your ship may have come in.

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We’ve selected some of the vehicles that have experienced the biggest percentage increase in recent months, between February and July, and seven of the ten are crossovers or SUV’s. For the purposes of this list, the resale-value data provided by Black Book was for used 2007 models, as of July 1.

“Right now, the 2007 models are a steady piece of the used car market, as far as sales volumes are concerned,” explained Ricky Beggs, vice president and managing editor at Black Book. “They’re a good guideline because an ’07 is old enough to significantly differentiate from the new models, pricewise, but recent enough that they don’t have too many miles on them, and are mostly still in good shape.”

Black Book provided a price range for each vehicle, which will depend on factors like what features it’s equipped with, the vehicle’s overall condition, and the total mileage. For a slightly older or even newer model, you’ll have to adjust your pricing expectations accordingly. Comments by Beggs are in italics.

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Top Ten Vehicles With Rising Resale Values
Ford Edge GMC Envoy Chevrolet Equinox Suzuki Reno Dodge Durango
Dodge Grand Caravan Ford Explorer Dodge Charger Suzuki XL-7 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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