Porsche GT3 in the SachsenRallye – Click above to watch video after the jump

A few days ago we posted video of a Porsche GT3 RS doing the Goodwood hillclimb. It was a great POV run through the hay bales with quality commentary from driver Gordon Robertson. But we couldn't hear the car, and you really don't know the GT3 RS until you've really heard the GT3 RS. And preferably, that might be in this kind of setting: on tarmac and dirt stages of the SachsenRallye, with that exhaust note filling the countryside and booming off of stone walls down narrow streets. True, this is a GT3 minus the RS, but you won't miss those 15 horsepower once you hear the sound of Vulcan's rear-mounted foundry. Follow the jump for the dirty fury. Hat tip to CPM

[Source: YouTube]

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