Video: Solar-powered ferry sets sail on maiden voyage in Hong Kong

Solar-powered ferry sets sail in Hong Kong – Click above to watch video after the jump

Solar power has yet to really catch on in the automotive industry, but shipbuilders have found a creative way to employ the power of the sun to motivate a 100-passenger hybrid ferry through the waters of Hong Kong. The solar-powered ferry (pictured) utilizes the energy captured by solar panels to sustain the charge of its on-board batteries. The batteries provide the necessary juice to spin the electric motor that moves the vessel along.

But what if the batteries run out of juice or the sun fails to rise? Well, this unique ferry has that unlikely scenario covered too. An on-board diesel engine can propel the vessel when the batteries run low and a sail can be raised to harness the power of the wind when needed. This ferry is truly the ultimate hybrid that's oh-so-versatile and always green. Follow the jump to watch video of the solar-powered hybrid ferry in action. Hat tip to Deepa!

[Source: WFIE]

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