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Here's a juicy rumor for you: Autocar is reporting that McLaren will be introducing the successor to the incredible F1 supercar in 2012. If that seems a smidge early, it is. In its original plans, McLaren had said the new beast wouldn't surface until 2014 at the earliest, thanks largely to the company's efforts with the all-new MP4-12C. Instead, the Brits say that unnamed McLaren insiders have let it slip that the company is feverishly working on the new machine, going so far as to say that it will be "revolutionary" in both styling and performance. We would expect nothing less.

That's not to say we're swallowing the Autocar report hook, line and anonymous sinker. At this point, 2012 is a mere year and a half away, and while we have no doubt that the engineers at McLaren are slaving away on the successor to the F1 throne, that's just not enough time to bring a world class supercar into reality. So until someone from McLaren goes on the record with this one, we won't hold our breath for the world's next record breaker to hit the scene.

[Source: Autocar]

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