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The Chevrolet Volt completed its 1776-mile Freedom Drive in just under three days. The journey began in Austin, TX and ended in New York City. The feat is neither remarkable nor incredibly newsworthy because we're all well aware that the Volt's hybrid setup can propel it on down the road for many, many miles without stopping to refuel or charge up. In essence, driving the Volt 1776 miles is quite similar to taking a long family vacation in a traditional gasoline-powered car and we've all done that countless times, right?

But what if we take a step back and look at Chevrolet's purpose for the Freedom Drive? Chevy successfully got the Volt out on public roads for a long trip that was followed closely by many. This exposure was certainly helpful, but we think that the Freedom Drive focused on knocking the Nissan Leaf off its pedestal.

As the Volt trekked across half of the country, its long-range capabilities became apparent and the distinct cruising advantages of its hybrid powertrain took center stage. As we're all well aware, no electric vehicle could cover 1776 miles in just three days, at least not yet. And, of course, the Leaf could never match the Volt's cruising capabilities, which we suspect will cause many to deem the Volt far superior to its electric-only competition. In a way, the Freedom Drive was Chevy's perfect anti-advertisement against the Leaf.

[Source: GM-Volt]

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