It appears the EV Sports Concept HER-02 wasn't the only non-fossil fuel burning vehicle to set a record climbing Pikes Peak last week. Eva Håkansson's ElectroCat, piloted by John Scollon, also successfully completed the course making it the first electric motorcycle to do so. Being the first automatically makes it the fastest, and so the time to beat is now officially set at 16 minutes and 55.849 seconds.

Eva had intended on riding the 'Cat herself but a wrist injury forced her to pass the torch along to Paul Thede, who was then drafted to ride another electric bike – the Lightning DB2, which did not finish – and so it came to be that John Scollon, who we understand supplied some of the original impetus for the attempt, ended up in the saddle for the historic occasion. For a quick look at both bikes involved in the attempt, hit the jump for a bit of video we managed to dig up.

[Source: Eva Håkansson | Image: John Bidwell]

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