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Just when you thought you had looked everywhere – and failed miserably – to distinguish yourself from the rest of the gang down at your favorite biker bar, the crew at Parker Brothers Choppers has come up with just the bike to, shall we say, kick it up a notch. Ah, yes... a Lightcycle should do the trick just fine. After clicking the the eBay Motors Buy It Now button and placing a "nominal" $500 deposit, all you have do is come up with the other $34,500 and let the fun begin.

According to the listing, Parker Brothers allows for further Lightcycle individuality by adding a neon accent color of red, blue, yellow, green or orange to the black bike. The colored LEDs will shine through clear panels, adding to the whole deadly streak motif of the Lightcycle. But if you really love orange, you better hurry, as only one color will be available for each of the five Lightcycles built. Seem a little frivolous? Not to worry, the ad assures us that "the Lightcycle is being built for everyday use" and will be complete with a certificate of origin and a unique VIN number ending in one through five.

Now, once you've chosen your powerplant, you're almost ready for battle. The two available choices include a high-powered gasoline engine or, for all you cutting edge conservationists out there, a high performance electric motor. No official power figures are available in the listing, just the promise of "high performance." Wow... just bring your personalized TRON plates, and as long as you don't have to make any turns.... ever... this thing promises to be more fun that a barrel of monkeys.

We have a feeling the 22x12-inch wheels will make catching the inside line of your favorite long sweeper a bit of a challenge, but don't worry: the included non-DOT-approved Tron helmet should keep you out of harm's way when shooting off the road! We were almost temped to hit the button and get our own, but the staff simply could not decide between the green or blue accents, so we scrapped it. That means there is still one available for you... and we'll be sure to make way if we see you coming towards us! Thanks to everyone for the tips.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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