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Donald Duck is used to getting caught with his pants down. Probably because he doesn't wear any pants. But getting busted for driving under the influence is another matter entirely.

Fortunately for our childhood memories (to say nothing of our present sanity), the Donald Duck in question isn't the actual cartoon character, just some fellow who evidently thought changing his name to that of a Walt Disney character was a good idea. After allegedly toking a joint, downing a couple of drinks and swallowing a few pills, the Duck in question got the munchies – surprise, surprise – and headed for the local Little Caesar's drive-thru. That's where he ran into the back of one Margaret Russell's GMC Safari van – repeatedly – and got picked up by local police for his fifth DUI charge. You can't make this stuff up. Don't believe us? Follow the jump to watch the cartoon reel news clip and see for yourself.

[Source: Fox13Now via LeftLane News]

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