1982 Porsche 928 with a Boeing T50 turbine engine – Click above for image gallery, watch video after the jump

How often are you going to see the phrase "Flame Shooter" in an eBay Motors description? And of those instances, how often will the seller be referring to flames that emerge a Boeing T50 turbine shoved under the hood? This is one of those instances, wherein a fellow has installed a 350-horsepower turbine from a Vietnam-War-era QH50 helicopter drone in the engine bay of a 1982 Porsche 928.

In addition to the coupe retaining its conveniences like heating and air conditioning, the car is supposedly used as a daily driver. You might be able to do the same, but since the Porsche generates 130 dB at idle and the temperature around the exhaust is 517 degrees – before you turn on the afterburners – it might only be meant for daily driving in places with very kind neighbors. Or another planet. It does, however, get 17 mpg... of jet fuel.

You'll find a gallery of images below, and be sure to check out the start-up videos after the jump. The seller wants $20,000 for it, and while that might sound a little steep, it's a Porsche with a frickin' turbine, and professionally done at that. FYI, it doesn't come with a warranty. But you probably suspected that anyway.

[Source: eBay, YouTube]

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