The Smoking Tire gets to play with the VF Engineering toy box – Click above to watch video after the jump

When VF Engineering comes to party, they do so in the biggest way possible. The crew recently invited the guys from The Smoking Tire out to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for a little taste of exactly what the tuner is all about. Instead of bringing a handful of reworked cars for an hour or so of track antics, the VF Engineering team rolled out every supercharged beast in their possession. That means that while the company's relatively mild mannered 510 horsepower Porsche 911 was in attendance, as was the equally sinister widebody BMW M3.

If you've spent any time perusing the VF Engineering site, odds are you know a little about that diabolical Bavarian. The car uses a custom-fabricated intake manifold that spends its off time on display in the Met. It's just that gorgeous. But as pretty as all of the custom metal work is, it pales in comparison to how impressive the power figures are. Running just six pounds of boost, the VF Engineering team has managed to wring 620 horsepower from the Bimmer. How's that for tire-shredding glory? Go ahead and hit the jump to see Matt Farah tear it up in both cars. But be warned, there's some slight NSFW language.

[Source: YouTube via The Smoking Tire]

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