Video: Mark Webber and Red Bull F1 makes pit stop in... Parliament Square?

Mark Webber goes for a pit stop in London – Click above to watch video after the jump

The new Formula One rules have made it a pain for teams to get in any sort of practice these days. While that's an issue for drivers, it's just as much of a challenge for the guys working the pits. So we can imagine that when Red Bull was able to pull some strings for Mark Webber to perform a complete pit stop in front of England's House of Parliament in London, the team was probably thrilled to get their gloves dirty. The stunt was designed to promote the upcoming British Grand Prix scheduled to kick off on July 9 at Silverstone.

Webber hadn't been in the cockpit since his stunning crash in Valencia, but the Australian driver looks to be fit enough to go tire-to-tire with the rest of the field in less than a week. Likewise, the Red Bull pit crew seems to be doing just fine as well. The crew reportedly managed a 3.2-second pit stop in downtown London. Hit the jump to see the video of the action for yourself. Thanks for the tip, Peter!

[Source: Autosport]

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