2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery

Following the announcement today that Chevrolet is expanding the list of regions that will get initial access to the 2011 Volt, marketing director Tony DiSalle will be taking questions about the retail plans for the ER-EV. It's unlikely that that DiSalle will be announcing the price yet, but he may answer questions about why availability is limited and when everyone will have access.

Along with this weekend's Freedom Drive from Austin, TX to New York City, Chevrolet is clearly trying to grab back some of the thunder that has been captured by the Nissan Leaf in recent months. Chevrolet will be emphasizing that the Volt is an EV without range limits (at least if you fill the tank with gas). First year sales volumes for both cars are likely to be similar at about 10,000-12,000 units. You can submit your questions to DiSalle right after the jump and then watch for the answers.

[Source: GM]

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