Toyota Motor Manufacturing held a line-off ceremony as production of the Auris Hybrid kicked off in the UK. Toyota plans to produce 30,000 Auris Hybrids annually, making it the first European-made, mass-produced hybrid ever. Sales of the Auris Hybrid will begin on July 1st and Toyota anticipates that the vehicle will be sold in 32 countries throughout Europe.

The Auris Hybrid will start at a base price of $27,000 (that's U.S. at the current exchange rate) and top out at $29,600. If you're wondering what an Auris hybrid is, imagine a Toyota Corolla packed with a Prius powertrain. Since the Auris utilizes the same Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain found in the latest Prius, the Auris Hybrid can run on battery power alone for up to 1.2 miles, although its battery-only speed is limited to just 30 miles per hour. In addition, the Auris Hybrid manages 61.9 miles per gallon (U.S.) on the European driving cycle while emitting just 89 grams per kilometer of CO2. Though the Auris is only available in Europe, we can't help but wonder if its less conspicuous packaging would help to further Toyota's hybrid dominance here in the U.S.

[Source: Toyota]


Line-off Ceremony for 'Auris Hybrid' Held at U.K. Plant

Derby, United Kingdom, June 28, 2010-Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announces that Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. (TMUK), TMC's vehicle manufacturing company in the United Kingdom, held a line-off ceremony today to mark the start of production of the "Auris Hybrid", the first hybrid vehicle mass produced in Europe. TMUK is to produce 30,000 Auris Hybrids annually, with sales of the vehicle beginning on July 1. Plans call for the vehicle to be sold in 32 European countries.

U.K. Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vincent Cable; Toyota Motor Europe (TME) President Didier Leroy; TME Executive Vice President Hiroyuki Ochiai and TMUK President Katsunori Kojima attended the ceremony. At the ceremony, Leroy said that he was extremely pleased to announce the start of production of Europe's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. He said that this milestone was brought about thanks to many years of understanding and cooperation from the local people as well as the diligent efforts of TMUK's employees.

TMUK, established in 1992, marked cumulative production of 3 million vehicles this year on June 7.

TMC conducts business around the world based on its founding philosophy of "contributing to society through the manufacture of automobiles". TMC sees Europe as a market where it can hone its technologies, and plans to build on its uniqueness and originality by steadily shifting its focus to hybrid vehicles-one of the company's core strengths.

TMC aims to continue its efforts to create affordable, high-quality, safe cars; to produce more environmentally friendly cars; and to carefully study market needs by region while steadily providing products that truly satisfy customer needs.

Outline of TMUK:
  • Company name Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.
  • President Katsunori Kojima
  • Establishment December 1989
  • Start of production December 1992
  • Products Avensis, Auris, Auris Hybrid Engines (1.6 L, 1.8 L)
  • Land area Approx. 2,350,000 m2
  • Employees* Approx. 4,000
*As of June 1, 2010

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