Tonino Lamborghini CULV laptop – Click above for image gallery

Take a particular slant on supercar history and you'd be forgiven for categorizing Lamborghini as another pretender to Ferrari's throne. Enzo was, after all, the spiteful impetus for Ferruccio's branching out from tractors to sportscars, and some might say has been playing catch-up ever since. Whatever way you look at it, that's certainly the case when it comes to merchandising, an area which – for better or worse – Ferrari's long been the leader.

As Ferrari has its line of Acer computers, so has Lamborghini teamed up with Asus for a range of laptops. But this is something altogether different. Tonino Lamborghini – Ferruccio's son with his own line of merchandise – has granted his name and variation on the raging bull badge to be used on this seemingly pedestrian laptop. The specs are rather run-of-the-mill and the design is rather uninspired, as you'll find in the gallery below and the source links. But at 649 euros, it's a fair bit cheaper than the four-figure tags on either its namesake's or its rival's more upscale offerings.

[Source: Notebook Italia via Engadget]

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