Patent drawings for a small Chevy pickup – Click above for high-res image gallery

Chevrolet designers have had some fun with the company Etch-a-Sketch and came up with this, then filed the drawings with the patent office. Any details identifying its place in the Chevy lineup or in the automaker's global marketplace were sadly left out of the filing.

Carscoop theorizes that it could be an update for the South American market, or a long-shot replacement for the Colorado. At right is a single-cab Chevy Colorado, whose door handles and greenhouse are close to the patent drawing.

However, beneath that is a Brazilian-market 2009 Chevy S10 Colina, whose taillights are a much better match for the patent drawing. Swapping its front end for the Cruze-ish grille in the filing might be more reasonable than performing the same swap on a Colorado, or maybe not. What's really got us wondering are those exposed bed-rail tie-downs, which look like something from an early eighties Toyota. Or a Mahindra Pik-up. What truck and what market are looking for those?

Have a look at the high-res filings yourself and feel free to make all the guesses you want.

[Source: Carscoop]

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