The Fisker Karma has completed its tour across the U.S. and surprisingly, it made the entire trip without either the buying public nor journalists getting behind the wheel for even a single moment. As The Detroit News reports and we concur, the Karma has been delayed once again and is now scheduled to begin rolling off the assembly line in eight months with the debut slated for mid-2011 (well, maybe). Anyways, we find it odd that nobody outside of the company has had any real seat time in the Karma as the debut date draws near. Just recently, Fisker launched a new website featuring a countdown timer. The site lists just days left until the unveiling, which leads us to wonder, the unveiling of what?

Could this be the countdown to Fisker's official launch of test drives for the Karma? Is the company set to reveal another round of funding? Is Fisker ready to finally unveil its updated rollout plans for the plug-in hybrid? Or maybe a few of those testers will finally hit the roads. As you may have guessed, we too have a lot of questions for Fisker and remain confused by the company's flip-flop nature and continued use of hype-inducing tactics. Now, before you get all worked up about Fisker's countdown, you might want to consider that the timer could simply be ticking off the days left until the debut of a redesigned website. Now that's exciting stuff.

[Source: Fisker Automotive]

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