Yokohama Electric EV Sports Concept HER-02 at Pikes Peak – click above for hi-res image

It's been seven years since Jeri Unser – daughter of Bobby – set the record for the fastest electric vehicle to complete the iconic 12.42 mile long (19.99 kilometers) Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Last weekend, Ikuo Hanawa showed no mercy in smashing that record by more than a minute and 15 seconds, finishing with a time of 13:17.575. While the Sanyo battery-powered EV Sports Concept Vehicle HER-02 likely benefited from having Yokohama orange oil-infused tires to subdue the 156 turns on the course, we're sure that the 200kW (268 hp) motor from AC Propulsion and the fact that 1.9 miles of the dirt portion of the road now lie under pavement were also contributing factors.

Though it might be a while before an electric vehicle bests the overall 10:01.41 record time set by Nobuhiro Tajima in 2007 (where are you lithium-air batteries?), there is a good chance this EV record will fall next year when the entire length succumbs to a coating of asphalt. Stroll on past the break for some video clips of the siren-equipped HER-02 in action.

Photo by Drew Phillips / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.

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