Any competent financial advisor will tell you that, almost invariably, buying a brand new car is a bad investment. With very few exceptions, as soon as you drive a new car off the lot, its value drops significantly. Hopefully, the now publicly traded stock of Tesla Motors will fare better than the price of a used Tesla Roadster.

We haven't seen many second-hand Roadsters offered for sale. In part, this is because there are so few on the road, but it's also because those that have bought them are typically electric vehicle fans. In fact there are so few available that we couldn't even find used price estimates on any of the usual sites. De Laveaga Motors in Santa Cruz, California just happens to have a blue 2008 model with a mere 1,904 miles on the clock. With such low mileage, the battery should still have pretty much its original capacity plus most of its factory warranty. Right now, the dealer is asking just $79,900, more than 20 percent below the original base price of $102,900.

[Source: De Laveaga Motors via Jalopnik]

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