Avenge the fallen with The Wraith movie car

Let's take a stroll back through time to an era when droves of people, young and old, would willingly pay to watch bad actors and improbable cars join forces to fight evil on the silver screen. No, we're not talking about 2007, nor Michael Bay's Transformers. We're interested in something altogether more pure – 1986's The Wraith. If you've never seen the film, you're missing out on a piece of cinematic car history that uses plot only as a vessel for plot holes. But never mind that. The star of the show is none other than the 1984 Dodge M4S Concept. Charlie Sheen is there, too.

Using its mid-ship, twin-turbo 2.2-liter Cosworth four-cylinder engine, the newly christened Wraith is no longer a prisoner of the show circuit. Using state of the art special effects, the car spends the length of the film running down gang members and restoring order to society.

And now it's for sale. After being found in pieces, some loving soul has taken the time to restore The Wraith to its former glory, and it's now available for sale in Kansas. According to the site, the seller is open to entertaining offers. Take our advice: don't low ball the guy. The Wraith just might come for your immortal soul.

[Source: Hooniverse | Image: The Wraith Car]

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