We can safely say very few people saw this one coming. By the close of trading today, Tesla stock was trading at $23.89 – up a hefty 40.53 percent from the stock's IPO price of just $17. If that's not surprising enough for you, how about this little gem: overall trading on NASDAQ was down by 3.85 percent today, meaning Tesla bucked the market trend for its first day as a publically traded company. This means that today, the company's 13.3 million publically traded shares are worth around $317.7 million, up from $226 million this morning.

Of course, a lot can change from one day to the next, and the real proof of how well Tesla fares will be over the next few months. With the Model S still well out on the horizon and the days of the Roadster numbered, the company may face mounting skepticism as it moves toward the future.

[Source: USA Today, Scottrade]
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