2011 Chevrolet Sail

General Motors has saddled up with Chinese automaker SAIC in an attempt to bring a Nano-fighting value car to the Indian market. GM says that it will rely on SAIC mostly for its low cost manufacturing techniques instead of parts or components due to hefty tariffs on goods imported from China. That also means The General may also be able to skip out on some of the quality woes associated with the Chinese automotive universe by relying on the pool of parts already available in India.

The car is supposed to be smaller than the current Spark and hit the market at around $5,000. That's on the north end of how much Tata asks for the Nano, but GM still feels it can compete against the world's most affordable car. According to Gasgoo, the pint-sized econobox may actually borrow elements from the Chevrolet Sail. Evidently, the car has already spent its fair share of time under the baleful glare of Indian focus groups.

If it does take off, the GM/SAIC creation will be India's very first joint-venture vehicle.

[Source: Gasgoo]

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