Report: Final PT Cruiser to roll off Chrysler assembly line on July 9

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Chrysler's long-lived PT Cruiser will finally roll off into the sunset next month after a decade in production. According to the Detroit Free Press, when the 2010 model year winds down at Chrysler's Toluca, Mexico plant on July 9, the final Cruisers will be produced. The retro-styled five door hatchback was a sensation when it debuted and inspired customers to pay a premium over the sticker price to get one. Over the years, the styling was tweaked only slightly its competitiveness declined significantly as DaimlerChrysler steadfastly refused to invest in it.

The Cruiser was originally earmarked for discontinuation a year ago, but when Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy, it needed product, so the automaker kept it alive for another 12 months. The Toluca factory will now be re-tooled for production of another retro-design small car, the Fiat 500 which joins the Chrysler lineup later this year.

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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