The global economy is currently doing its best impression of your uncle Larry's waterbed on a Friday night, and while that means you can get a swinging deal on a vacation to Greece right now, it also means the value of currencies around the planet are all over the map. Few manufacturers know that better than Audi. The company has just announced that it has suspended plans to build a U.S.-specific model here in the States. Originally, Audi had toyed with the idea of either building a car alongside Volkswagen at the new Chattanooga manufacturing facility or even building its own Tennessee plant, but as the value of the Euro has fallen off against the dollar, that option has become less attractive.

According to Automotive News, Audi still plans to double its sales here in the land of the free by 2018, with or without an American manufacturing facility. What's more, a the new U.S.-specific model hasn't been put on hold just because the four-ringers aren't interested in breaking ground on a new factory on this side of the pond. The company says that it can have an existing production line geared up and ready to go for a new vehicle in around three months, compared to the three years it would take to construct an entire factory from scratch.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]
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