2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Street Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

We hinted at it in our review, but it's time to make it official. Welcome the newest entrant to the Autoblog Long-Term Garage: the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Street Edition.

So why, with the all-new Jetta right around the corner, would we bring the TDI Cup into the hallowed halls of Autoblog Towers? Simple. We want to get intimate with diesel. Not only do we want to reap the high-mileage benefits of ultra-low sulfur dino-juice, we want to see if something with a TDI badge can, in fact, be an entertaining drive over the long haul.

We explored the Cup's backroad prowess in our review, but how will it fare at the track? Will a new set of tires and wheels make a world of difference? How about some upgraded brake pads? In stock form, does it have what it takes to compete with the latest and greatest in the new fuel-conscious sporty car segment? How will it hold up after thousands of miles, a few road trips and stints across the country with our editors? All these questions and more will be answered over the course of a year.

We'll be keeping you updated on the TDI's progress with weekly and monthly posts, highlighting the finer points and questioning the logic of others. More importantly, we're interested in what you want to know about the Jetta TDI Cup Edition. Tell us in Comments and we'll get cracking.

Additionally, we've set up a specific page to follow the TDI's progress, complete with updates, specs and other useful info. Check it out and follow us on Twitter at TheRealAutoblog for 140-character morsels of insight tagged #ablongterm.

The fun is about to begin, and the only question now is: What's first?

Autoblog accepts vehicle loans from auto manufacturers with a tank of gas and sometimes insurance for the purpose of evaluation and editorial content. Like most of the auto news industry, we also sometimes accept travel, lodging and event access for vehicle drive and news coverage opportunities. Our opinions and criticism remain our own — we do not accept sponsored editorial.

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