Coda EV – Click above for 360-degree exterior view

We've talked about Coda Automotive quite often before and the stories typically include production updates, new battery plant locations and discussions about funding. We've rarely discussed whether or not the design of Coda's EV will lure buyers in or turn them away. Up until now, we swayed towards the notion that the Coda's bland exterior design would probably convince many buyers to look elsewhere.

Coda must have thought the same way as we did, as it has tweaked the exterior a bit and the look is significantly fresher, though it now exudes a copycat look that's all too familiar in automotive design today. At least the new look is unlikely to push potential buyers away, but we see nothing that will draw attention to the model either. Its Plain Jane appearance is unlike many other green vehicles out there, but that may just play out in Coda's favor. Hat tip to Dan!

*UPDATE: We've added a gallery of the latest official images from Coda, which are actually not that new.

[Source: Coda Automotive]

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