Internet's wild car videos spawn new TLC special

Out of Control Drivers on TLC - Click above to watch previews after the jump

You know what TV producers love? Cheap, sensational content. That, incidentally, is the Internet's number one export. Marry the two and you have TLC's newest special: Out of Control Drivers. We'll let you guess what the show's about. If you're a viral video junkie, you've likely seen a lot of these - maybe all of them - already. Still, this is can't-avert-your-eyes stuff, as demonstrated in the two videos embedded after the jump.

The first promo is just a highlight-reel trailer for the show, designed to whet your overall appetite for vehicular mayhem. The second video is a full segment showing what happens when a sleeping driver takes an unplanned detour through a gas station. Spoiler alert: things get ugly. Fast.

Out of Control Drivers airs tomorrow night at 9 PM and 10 PM Eastern on TLC. We're certainly not about to skip True Blood to watch this, but we'll toss it in the DVR queue for future viewing. Hit the jump for the previews.

[Source: TLC]

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