NRG Energy Inc., a Texas-based energy company, has a novel idea that may entice some buyers to consider purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) soon. NRG Energy will introduce an electric vehicle charging service in the Houston, TX area early next year. Those who sign up for the service will be able to charge their EV either at home or on the road for the low monthly fee of just $60 to $80. The fee includes unlimited charging each month and covers the expense of leasing and installing a home charging system.
By the middle of 2011, NRG Energy will expand the flat rate plan to the Dallas area. The goal of the flat rate program is simple: offer EV owners a simple, convenient method to charge their vehicles with easily trackable expenses. According to NRG Energy, the flat rate fee will undercut the amount of money that a typical driver spends each month fueling a gasoline-powered car. For those who don't rack up the miles, the $60 to $80 fee could actually be substantially higher than monthly gasoline expenditures, but high-mileage drivers are sure to be pleased at the potential for significant savings. The flat rate plan will probably require some tweaking, but it could certainly simplify the entire charging process.

[Source: Dallas News]

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