The Bugatti Veyron, a passenger car, will exceed 250 miles-per-hour whenever you feel like it. A decent number of other cars will break 200 without concern. In the picture above, however, is a warp speed mountain of metal that Boije Overbrink used to break the semi-truck land speed record, doing so at all of 155 mph.

And in fact, the Volvo semi with the 2,000 horsepower and 3,687 lb-ft didn't even go 155 mph – it only got up to 103.84 mph at the end of a kilometer. But instead of running a truck at a course long enough to truly test top speed, its speed is averaged over the length of the course. Voila, FIA certification at 155 mph and the fastest Good Buddy in all the land. Congratulations Mr. Overbrink.

[Source: Motobullet]

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