Venturi Global Challenge: Shanghai-to-Paris – Click above for high-res image gallery

After setting out from Shanghai in early May, the second mission of the Venturi Global Challenges officially passed the halfway point when they crossed the border into Russia from Kazakhstan. The Venturi-electrified Citroën Berlingo and its crew of two, Géraldine Gabin and Xavier Chevrin, have so far traveled over 9,000 demanding kilometers (5,592 miles) of the 14,000 km it will take to get to the Paris endpoint.

Though some might argue that long-distance treks of this sort are wrong-headed because they could be seen as a demonstration of the main weakness of electric vehicles instead of its strengths, Venturi says they intend for this challenge to show its technological lead. Indeed, France's La Poste was impressed enough with the company's tech to order up 250 of the the small vans.

Besides all the business reasons for the trip, the human element of the story is quite compelling. The team has met many interesting people and enjoyed their hospitality as well as visited places few will ever see. Lucky for us, they've kept a blog of their journey with lots of pics, some of which you can check out in the gallery below.

[Source: Venturi Global Challenges Mission 2]

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