Fischer Motorcycles MRX – Click above to watch the video after the break

Television's Original Automotive Magazine, MotorWeek, recently took some time out to sit down with Dan Fischer, former AMA motorcycle racer and the man responsible for Fischer Motorcycles. In the interview and corresponding video (see it after the break), Fischer stakes a claim as the only affordable American sportbike manufacturer in existence, now that Harley-Davidson sadly shut down its Buell operations.

While the Fischer MRX is indeed designed and built in the United States, its heart actually comes from South Korea. We're fine with that, as this 650cc powerplant is what allows Fischer to sell its wares at an attractive $7,995 asking price. What's more, the claimed 80 horsepower and 52 pound-feet of torque coupled with a fine six-speed gearbox means you won't really be hurting for more power on the street.

Also included in the base asking price are an adjustable Ohlins rear shock, 43mm USD fork adjustable for compression and rebound and a made-in-the-USA one-piece frame. Options are plentiful as well, with full Brembo front brake package, carbon fiber bodywork and forged aluminum wheels acting as stand-out items. Want more? Click on past the break to watch the video.

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