Autocar discovers the Mini E is long-haul capable, provided you aren't in a hurry

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The gents over at Autocar set out on a mission that would've been all but impossible a few years back. The mission: drive across England in an electric car with nothing but a length of electrical cord. Seemed simple enough, but the task of piloting the Mini E across England proved far more challenging than first thought. Many areas of England are already dotted with charging stations but, as the driver of the Mini E quickly discovered, charging takes time and saps the joy out of long journeys.

What began as a simple, 578-mile trip across England quickly spiraled into a never-ending search for the next charging station. The trip can be condensed into something like this: drive about 70 miles, stop to fire up the laptop, search the web for the nearest charging station, hop back into the Mini E and drive to that station, plug in and wait five hours, hit the road and repeat. It's a daring trip that pushes the Mini E beyond its intended use, but Autocar has proven that it can be done. The Mini E made the 578-mile trip across England in 74 hours with an average speed of just under eight miles per hour. Painfully slow, but successful.

[Source: Autocar]

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