Now that bikes – and walking – are becoming more popular, it's time to answer this question: How fast is too fast on a bicycle? How about a bicycle that uses an electric motor hidden inside the frame? We think the answer, whatever it is, is the same not matter which bike you're on and that going 90 kilometers an hour (56 miles per hour) is a bit much for most every rider. Still, that's how fast Hungarian inventor Istvan Varjas claims his "invisible" motor bicycle can go, and it's a lot faster than most of us can go using just our legs.
The technology is somewhat mysterious, given that the motor and the batteries are hidden in the frame. While this may seem like a totally cool thing and potentially promising for plug-in vehicles of all types, it's not all good news. There's apparently some sort of controversy in professional racing right now regarding a rider using "doped bicycle" with hidden electronic bits and controls hidden in the gear shifters. Varjas, a former bicycle racer himself, told the Swiss weekly L'Illustre that he had nothing to do with the doped bike that rider Fabian Cancellara is charged with using.

Whatever the truth of that matter is, we just like the idea of slimmer and unobtrusive electric vehicle tech. Varjas says his motor weighs just one kilogram and the battery can last between 30 and 60 minutes per charge. The bike might go into production this fall.

[Source: The Star | Image: LaPrimaDonna - C.C. License 2.0]

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