2011 BMW 5 Series M Sport Package – Click above for high-res image gallery

Through the wonder of the internet, we've been given an early glimpse at a set of M goodies for next-year's BMW 5 Series. Bimmer Today managed to get their hands on a few scanned brochure images of a long roof wearing a few fancy bits of kit, including a reworked front fascia, aggressive side skirts and tweaked rear diffuser. The scans even show a couple of extra wheel options that should be available on 2011 models. BMW has managed to up the sex appeal by slathering the parts all over a long roof 5, but we feel pretty safe in guessing that the same parts will be available on sedan models as well.

Inside, buyers opting for the M Sport package can expect a few minor changes, including a new three-spoke steering wheel, seats trimmed out in a new design and an M-branded shift knob. The photos don't say too much about what kind of performance upgrades will come along with the bolt-ons, but we would be surprised if BMW decided to stray from its tried and true formula of offering a more aggressive suspension along with the new track suit.

[Source: Bimmer Today via Carscoop]

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