Today is Father's Day, and many of you doubtless have memorable, heartwarming, and amusing stories involving yourselves, your dads, and the various cars and trucks associated with the man of the house over the years. Sometimes, these involved a lot of yelling. These stories usually age well over the years, so let's hear 'em in the comments section. Some of the broader categories might include:
  • Great moments in home auto maintenance. For instance, John Neff's dad once decided to rebuild the engine in the family's Pontiac 6000. There were parts left over afterward. "It was never quite right after that," says Neff.
  • Road trip memories. Was your dad one to never seek directions? Did this make the annual family vacation more interesting in unexpected ways? Bonus if these stories involve heavily-laden large station wagons from the pre-minivan era.
  • Driver's ed. Remember when dad taught you how to drive? A lot of you probably have great memories associated with this. Don't forget: if no one actually got hurt, near-death experiences are funny in retrospect.
  • The master negotiator. When it came time to procure a new family car, was your dad the king of turning the tables on the plaid-tied fast-talkers at the dealership? Extra credit if the bounty was the fully-decked-out showroom queen that seemed completely unattainable when you guys walked through the door.
  • Jedi mind trick. Dad is the wheelman. He just nuked the local speed limit with extreme prejudice. A man in reflective aviator sunglasses with a large hat, a badge, and a gun is leaning into the window. The situation is hopeless. Only... it's not, and dad sends the lawman walking back to his black-and-white Dodge Polara smiling, no less. From here on out, you believe your dad could talk himself out of a Turkish prison.
Those are just ideas. Your experiences and stories may vary. Regardless, it's all for fun. Share your favorite tales below, or heck, just feel free to wish your dad, your grandpop, your favorite uncle -- whomever -- a Happy Father's Day.

From all of us to the dads reading today, have a good one.

[Image via Pink Ponk on Flickr | CC 2.0 license]

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