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Having one cool ride jump an (arguably) even cooler one while the latter is also midair seems like a righteous idea to us. Fortunately, Red Bull teamed up with a couple of insane Russians to make it happen. FMX rider Alexey Kolesnikov got it into his mind that he wanted to jump a Kamaz Master Dakar Truck, but it wasn't enough to simply hop the thing while it had all four tires planted on terra firma. He wanted the 8.5-ton beast to be doing a jeté of its own at the same time.

That's when driver Vladimir Chagin stepped in to help out. The two came together to oversee the construction of four ramps built from 500 tons of earth. The Dakar bruiser would hit an eight foot jump and sail through the air for a total of 28 feet, while Kolesnikov would launch from a nine-foot ramp and land 69 feet away. Now, here's the tricky part. Chagin had to hit his jump at exactly 40 mph so that Kolesnikov would be able to clear the side of the truck. As you can tell from the photos, great things ensued.

[Source: Red Bull via Hell For Leather]

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