Video: Hyundai steps in for Porsche, offers to take on Mini at Road Atlanta

Turnabout Is Fair Play: Hyundai takes up Mini challenge – click above to watch the video after the jump

Mini can safely be considered the 800-pound gorilla of viral marketing in the automotive sector, but fresh from its big showing this year with its Assurance program and successful Super Bowl appearances, Hyundai is showing real pluck. Need more proof? The boys from Korea have just stepped up to stand in for Porsche, offering to take on Mini at its Road Atlanta Challenge.

In a smack-talk-tastic video response they've released to Mini USA head Jim McDowell, Hyundai says they're eager to bring their Genesis Coupe to Hotlanta raceway next month. What about Mini's planned June 21 event? Seems Hyundai race driver Rhys Millen is a bit busy getting ready to climb a certain mountain, so Hyundai is challenging Mini to a race in July.

As Hyundai spokesman Dan Bedore tells Autoblog, "Since we launched the Genesis Coupe, we've always said that we'll take on all-comers when it comes to comparison tests. And we've had some experience on the race track at Road Atlanta. We'd be happy to meet Mini on the race track."

To step in and offer to take a punch for someone you don't really even consider a buddy (read: Porsche) is either bold or downright crazy – or more than likely, some glorious combination of the two – but either way, it takes serious cojones. Will Mini step up to the challenge? Better still, might there be a three-way battle royale? Check out the video after the jump and stay tuned, everyone... this just got interesting.

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