General Motors was the first OEM to install Mircroheat's HotShot heated windshield wiper fluid system into its cars. That was in 2006. But the hot, wet good times didn't last long, with underhood fires causing GM to recall almost a million vehicles in 2008 due to problems it claimed were caused by the HotShot. For its part, HotShot didn't accept the blame, claiming GM's electrical system was at fault.

Two year later, GM is recalling another 1.5 million vehicles due to problems it claims are caused by the HotShot. Microheat went bankrupt after that first recall, but the company born from its ashes with the purpose of getting the product back to market, AlphaThermUSA, is still claiming that GM's electrical system is at fault. The only real changes are that lawsuits that both companies have against each other must wait for GM's bankrupt shell, Motors Liquidation Co., to be given the go-ahead for legal proceedings, and that the amounts that each company is trying to recoup have gone up.

In the meantime, the South Koreans might be the first to get the redesigned HotShot system: AlphaThermUSA has licensed the technology to KCW, which will begin producing it for Korean automakers next year.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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