2011 Ford Explorer teasing continues - My, what big pillars you have

2011 Ford Explorer Facebook teaser shots – Click above for image gallery

The slow burn of Ford Explorer Facebook teasers continues today as the Blue Oval has seen fit to update its online photo gallery with three new images showing off various bits of its new 2011 unibody-based sport ute. This time, we're teased with a view of an open rear cargo hatch (above), a gearshift lever conspicuously absent of PRNDL markings and a power liftgate button. Sure, they may not be the three most interesting photos you lay your eyes upon today, but there are useful bits of info to glean with a closer look.

For instance, just how thick are those D-pillars? Judging by the size of the suitably active outdoorsey family being focused on, it would appear that the rearmost pillars could swallow an entire fleet of subcompacts in the rearview mirror. Also, unless there are some super tricky optical-illusions going on due to an awkward camera angle or there's some sort of dual opening rear hatch arrangement, it sure looks like the cargo opening is a wee bit compromised for the sake of style and/or structural integrity (the last thing Ford execs want is more Explorer rollover headaches).

In any case, we should be privy to a full web debut sometime in July. At that time, all our questions will be answered, but in the meantime, check out all the teaser images in our gallery below.

[Source: Ford Explorer Facebook]

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