Nissan Leaf – Click above to choose your custom color

Nissan has not officially finalized the color choices for its Leaf just yet, but it does provide five generic color samples to choose from during the registration process. For the most part, the samples are just your plain Jane, everyday colors (white, silver, black, red) that we see plastered on most other vehicles. Aside from the Aqua Globe blue we've seen so often on the concept car, the color choices are a bit boring for a vehicle so dramatically different from the millions of others on our roads today. Given that the Leaf is unlike those conventional cars and decidedly different in so many ways, why not color it something extraordinary?

Hit up this site, Colored Leaves, and you can apply your own artistic flair to the Leaf by styling it in any hue you can dream of. Once you've picked a color that you're content with, click the vote box and the site's designer will forward the info directly to Nissan. There's no guarantee that your custom color will make its way to Nissan's paint station, but it's worth a shot. We don't know if Nissan is gonna go for our hot pink choice, but it would certainly turn heads and draw an amazing amount of attention to our little Leaf.

[Source: GeoffDavis]

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