Officials search for a downed plane – Click above to watch video after the jump

We've been a little curious as to what good old Bob Lutz has been up to after retiring from General Motors. While the former auto exec had said that he would be busy slaving away over his latest book, the truth may be a bit more exciting. Several locals in Pinckney, Michigan called emergency services when they spotted a small jet flying at low altitude, believing that the aircraft was going down. Officials didn't find anything, but said that they discovered that a "retired gentleman" had been previously flying his personal aircraft in the area.

No one is officially saying whether or not it was Lutz who was spending the afternoon reenacting his favorite Top Gun scenes, but we have a hard time imaging imagining how many other auto exec retirees would be buzzing church towers with a decommissioned jet in rural Michigan. By all accounts, the pilot landed safely without incident, and since neither the plane nor the pilot were positively identified, no one is being charged for the search and rescue operation. Hit the jump for a quick video of the search effort.

[Source: Livingston Daily via Jalopnik]

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