New Gran Turismo 5 trailer – Click above to watch video after the jump

Now that we have an official launch date for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5, it's hard to contain our anticipation. It doesn't help that the company keeps teasing us with new trailers for the game, each showing some new bit of detail that we hadn't foreseen or been previously able to confirm. The latest spot features a little voiceover action from none other than Sebastian Vettel. It's hard to tell exactly what part the Formula One guru will play in the game, and our imaginations are running wild as a result.

The new trailer also gives us a glimpse at three of the most hotly talked about features of the game – damage rendering, night races and the Top Gear test track. There's even a cameo by The Stig himself. Some say he lacks opposable thumbs and controls joysticks through a series of ultra high-frequency squeals. All we know is, he's in Gran Turismo 5, and we can't wait to get our greedy little paws on the game. We've never been so excited for November 2. Take a peek past the jump to see the video.

[Source: Polyphony Digital via YouTube]

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