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Toyota FT-86 to be called FR-S when it reaches production?

Toyota FT-86 Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's been awhile since we've heard anything on the tasty little Toyota FT-86 Concept, but it looks like we may finally have an idea of what the car will be called when it hits showrooms. If the rumors buzzing around the Toyobaru forums are to be believed, the Japanese manufacturer won't resurrect any of its fabled names from the company's past. Instead, it's possible that the sportscar may carry an FR-S badge. Toyota just filed a trademark application for the name, so there's a good chance that this particular internet whisper may have some meat to it.

We haven't completely decided where we stand on the FR-S name, partly because we had become so accustomed to calling the front-engine, rear-wheel drive heathen the FT-86. In the end, though, we don't really care what's on the car's badges so long as it makes it to production as an affordable, strong-performing coupe. Toyota could use something with a pulse in a big way, and a spiritual successor to the AE-86 Corolla would be just the ticket. Top tip, Mark!

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