About a month ago, Tesla announced it would build the Model S at the recently closed NUMMI factory in Fremont, CA. Today, on Tesla's official blog, Gilbert Passin, Tesla vice president of manufacturing, describes the manufacturing process, including details about the aluminum stamping machines and the low-emission paint process. Other companies, like Ford and BMW, have also made their painting processes better for the environment. Tesla, though, is using electricity not only in the car's powerplant but also in the painting step:
To paint, the car will be attached to an electricity source and grounded. The positively-charged paint will be sprayed with paint guns. The charged particles are electrostatically attracted to the car and spread evenly. Once applied, the car travels on a conveyor belt through a 350 degree oven to cure the paint.
As we know, the Model S is also capable of holding a swappable battery. Passin has this to say about how the pack will be installed in the factory:
The liquid-cooled battery pack, with quick release fluid connections will be installed in a matter of seconds. The battery pack provides the final structural element to the body. With this engineering feat, you'll be able to quickly swap an empty battery for a full one, should the need arise on long road trips.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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