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Hope you don't mind the personal question, but, um, how much do you weigh? If you're in the featherweight/bantamweight range, you might want to see about procuring the super-efficient 500 mile per gallon vehicle called Maelstrom that was developed by student engineers at the University of New Haven. It's not the most practical of vehicles or even actually available, but it does weigh just 120 pounds – coincidentally, that's also the weight limit of the driver.

The Maelstrom – which stands for the Mobile Aerodynamic Lightweight Super-Mileage Tri-Wheeled Road Monster – uses a one-cylinder snow blower engine inside a custom-built, nine-foot-long, $25,000 carbon-fiber body that was donated by Vespoli, a racing shell company from New Haven. UNH sophmore Matthew Cocuzzo told WTNH:
Pretty much this engine and everything we've done to it is using pre-existing technologies to try and get the best gas mileage out of it, so we're trying to just show the car companies that with the technologies they have now, they can get better gas mileage.
Don't quite know what it's like to ride in the Mealstrom? Check out the video after the jump.

[Source: Courant, WTNH]

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